Our Design Services

Logo Design

A logo design is an expression of love. A logo is a gesture from a brand to a consumer. Some logos communicate. A few connect. A logo sends out a message. When the message is memorable, then the connection is enduring and becomes timeless. Your logo is an invitation from you to the customer to embark on a journey together. Don’t you want to make it clear, powerful, meaningful and irresistible?

If you want a logo with depth and layers of meaning, then we can embark on a journey of discovery. We promise you that it will be an enjoyable adventure. There will be rough winds and stormy weather but there will also be great rewards. The Golden Fleece, the Promised Land, the Treasure Chest, the Magic Kingdom – your logo, a symbol laden with a world of meaning awaits you.

Do you know what was in the envelope? No, it wasn’t something as mundane as tickets to a romantic cruise. It was a picture of an exotic and idyllic island beach. The tickets came later.



Brand Identity

A brand identity is a guidebook that will chart your marketing journey. It will make sure that everyone involved with the brand is on the same page and going in the same direction. A new logo without a brand identity is like the tourist lost in a foreign land. They both need a roadmap to guide them to reach their destination.

When we design a Brand identity, we ensure that it has all the tools you require. It will show you how to navigate uncharted waters. Pointing you in the right direction to maximize visibility and prevent diluting the impact of the logo. It will even show you how to make your communication material look uniquely consistent and distinct.

The brand identity that we design is an indispensable toolkit. It is designed to make your brand rise tall and imposing liking a shining beacon. Ambitious brands have their eyes on the horizon. No matter how far your brand sails, the brand identity program will show you where to drop anchor.

Web Design Services

Great designers and successful businesspeople are visionaries. Milton Glaser, Saul Bass, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Howard Schultz. What do they have in common? They see the next best thing. They anticipate the future.

When we design a website, we emulate the visionary powers of these leaders. We dive deep into the business of our clients to discover sunken treasures and bring them to the surface. We complement our web designing expertise in the latest online technologies with a keen insight that analyses and understands our client’s business. The result is a website design that mirrors the brand’s values and objectives.
We design websites that are a living, breathing, interactive and organic entity. We infuse into them the pulsating life blood of the brand. We can breathe life into your dreams and visions because we see them through your eyes.



WordPress Coding

Online content when it is stagnant, be it on a website or a blog, does not attract visitors. Fresh and vibrant content is what drives traffic from search engines to your website. We understand why most business owners prefer safe harbors to setting sail on innovative new technologies that they are unfamiliar with. That’s why we have developed an intuitive and user-friendly WordPress based Content Management System (CMS).

The problem with most websites is that they are just another few drops in a homogenous ocean. Your online presence does not need to look like another face in the crowd and get drowned in this ocean of look-alikes. Using our WordPress CMS, you can easily refresh and contribute new content and images to keep your webpage alive and relevant. There is no need for any in-depth IT expertise or software knowledge or coding background to operate your WordPress CMS.

We have made it simple and easy so that all you have to do is concentrate on putting your thoughts and ideas out there to connect with your audience. With your WordPress CMS, you are well prepared to set sail when the winds of change are blowing.

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