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Kurzik Designs is obsessively passionate.

We wish to warn our clients that Kurzik often has a similar effect on clients. The creative energy and enthusiasm that drives Denis Kurganskiy is complimented by an obsessive passion to differentiate. Most often our clients enjoy our design studio process as much as we do.

When you enjoy doing something this much, it may seem like you are indulging instead of working. Right next to the quality of work we produce is the satisfaction of our clients.

A boutique design company, Kurzik has yoked the disparate qualities of freedom and discipline. The combination has enabled Kurzik to engender a unique brand of design capabilities that do more than just meet expectations but exceed them.


What Clients Say About Design studio Work:

Denis is a consummate professional. He provided suitable materials to ascertain our needs, listened when we gave advice about changes. An excellent communicator who took control of the project, we highly recommend Denis for his design skill and quality of his work. Thanks Denis you are a breath of fresh air.

Remedy One Team

I would recommend him to any body.

Alberta Safety & Auditing Services

Excellent job completed, thank you Denis! Thank you also for getting this job done on short-notice. Looking forward to working with you again!

Katrina Heppler



Denis has done a great job again! I will definitely work with him again.

Milton Chadwick & Waters Publishing

I'm paying Denis more than the agreed-upon sum because he's worth it. Excellent job.


Excellent design, excellent turn around, excellent communications. Great resource.

Tom Murdoch

Denis is a very skilled programmer. Puts lot of thought & research into his jobs - gives you quick solutions

Reyami SMM

We were very lucky to find Denis Kurganskiy and his team. The single project we hired him for was to last only 1 month however we have continued to use Denis’s team for a further 3 years. Absolute quality every single time. I can only recommend him very highly.

Peter Bonney CEO Smakk Media P/L

More clients testimonials and reviews can be found at my Upwork profile.

Kurzik Designs is refreshingly clear.

There’s nothing like a breath of fresh air to clear your mind when you have been sitting too long behind a desk.

Defined by a freshness of approach that is a welcome change from the tried and tested yet mundanely tiresome cookie cutter methods employed by most design factories, Kurzik practices a collaborative approach right from the beginning. For a true sailor, there is no bad weather, only adventures. For a true designer, there are no obstacles, only opportunities.

You can say that our design team has a microscope in one hand and a telescope in the other. Armed with an educated eye for the distinctly different, Kurzik’s design team has developed a meticulous, detail-oriented method of developing designs that never fail to show you the big picture.

Kurzik Designs is ambitiously unafraid.

Why does Kurzik attract adventurers? It’s a burning desire to change the world with inspiring and unconventional design. Welcome onboard.

At the helm of Kurzik Designs, is Denis Kurganskiy. An experienced design professional with a diverse portfolio of design accomplishments, Denis has a passion for pushing the envelope whether he is independently driving a project or collaborating with like-minded creative professionals.

His design expertise extends across a wide variety of projects which he has successfully steered and managed. His youthful energy and intrepid manner is complemented by a mature and deep understanding of design fundamentals and a willingness to quickly adapt new techniques and methods.

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